(6-7-22) The Elida School Board has introduced Justin Firks as the new high school principal. Firks will be leaving Bethel Local Schools where he has served the last three years as superintendent. Firks was the Fort Recovery for four years as superintendent and then to Bethel and now to Elida.

Firks has been the Junior/Senior High School Principal at Fort Loramie Schools, a High School Social Studies teacher for eight (8) years, sincluding Jackson Center Local, New Bremen and Napoleon Schools. Firks spent one year as a special education teacher and assistant athletic director at Parkway Local Schools.

Firks is a Coldwater graduate.

In a letter to the Bethel School Board of Education, Firks said –

“It has been a priority over the last seven years as a superintendent of schools to make decisions that are in the best interest of the students and staff. Being a superintendent, historically, has been seen as a profession of sacrifice. However, sacrificing health, family, dignity and your professional reputation should not be a part of the job.”

“the administrative team and the classified and certified staff continued success as they chart a path of high academic outcomes for all of the students of Bethel Local Schools. The district has experienced much success over the last three years and I am proud of our accomplishments academically, with facilities, financially and with the mending of relationships between the staff and the administrative team during my tenure.”

The Bethel Local Schools Board of Education accepted the resignation of Firks at a special meeting on Friday, May 20.

Firks will leave Bethel at the end of his contract July 31. He leaves a district that is in the middle of major building project and an issue with a transgender policy recently put in place that is going to the courts.

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