(1-18-22) A recent announcement by the Bethel Local Schools on restroom and locker room policy has caused school district residents to start a change.org petitionto repeal the policy.

According to the online petition-

At the board meeting on 1/10/22, the Bethel Local School Board announced the following stance on the restroom and locker room policy for their K-12 campus:

“At the beginning of the year the district has adopted the stance (…inaudible…) that transgender students may use the restroom that aligns with their gender status upon advice received from our attorney.

The statement given to us follows:

“Several United States courts of appeals (including the sixth circuit court of appeals in which Ohio is located) have determined that Title IV of the educational amendment of 1972 requires that transgender students be granted access to the restrooms and locker rooms of their sexual identification…””

This stance was adopted on 1/1/22. The public board meeting announcing it was on 1/10/22.

This decision was made and enacted without a vote by the Bethel Local School Board.

The petition is hoping to get 1,000 signatures, as of this posting it has received 719 signatures.

Superintendent Justin Firks (former Ft. Recovery Superintendent) told News Center 7 in an email – –

“Unfortunately, this is not an issue where personal beliefs of the Superintendent, administration or Board of Education are relevant. The rulings of transgender bathroom issues are of statutory interpretation not whether it is right, wrong, moral or immoral, or a violation of Christian values.”