(3-24-22) According to a VW Independent story a criminal charge is pending in connection with the mid-December shooting death of a Van Wert Middle School student Kaine Leppard.


13 Year Old Van Wert Shooting Victim Identified

Leppard (13) suffered a fatal gunshot wound on December 19th at a South Tyler St. home, the Van Wert EMS arrived to start treating the victim, but Leppard would later be pronounced dead at the hospital.

An investigation and autopsy has determined that Leppard died from an accidental, self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The incident happened after Leppard and a friend had been mishandling the weapon. During the investigation it was revealed that the gun used had been stolen from a lock box inside of a truck on N. Jefferson St.

The Van Wert County Prosecutor’s Office is considering a charge of receiving stolen property pending against the friend.