(3-20-22) Republican Secretary of State Frank LaRose issued a directive to county election boards this past Thursday with a two-page letter to members of the Ohio Redistricting Commission explaining that counties are now “simply out of time” to complete the work necessary to hold elections for state representatives and state senators as scheduled.

The rest of the primary election contests, local, governor and U.S. Senate contests, are still a go for the May 3rd date.

Secretary LaRose-

Our brave men and women serving overseas deserve better than to be used as pawns in a political standoff. I understand the disagreements over redistricting, but we should have the honor and decency to set those differences aside to give our military voters all the support they need in casting a ballot. Some legislators chose to put politics over patriots today, and they should be ashamed.

I’m convinced more than ever that this effort to delay the May 3 primary election is part of a larger strategy to create chaos and confusion while deep-pocketed out of state interests bankroll an endless parade of partisan litigation. My job is to overcome that noise and provide Ohioans with a secure, accurate and accessible election they can trust. That’s why I went to the General Assembly with this request, and I’m grateful for a unanimous vote in the Ohio Senate and a majority vote in the Ohio House that ensures our military voters will not be disenfranchised by political games.

LaRose also accused the Biden administration for an “intentional” contribution to redistricting delays, because census data came later than expected.

The latest update on the 4th planned attempt to redraw the district maps –

Two independent mapmakers have been hired by the commission and they will work with commission staff members in coming up with the two redistricting maps.

The commission members also agreed to hire a mediator to resolve any disputes that may arise during the process.

Over the next three days, the commission agreed to meet, recommend and approve the independent mapmakers and mediator.