(1-24-22) The Mercer County Emergency Response Volunteers (MCERV) along with the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office are coordinating a public safety support event for all of the staff at Mercer Health Hospital in Coldwater. The invitation (see below) includes the reason for the event and the details that were sent to all public safety agencies in Mercer County to attend. Numerous agencies have responded and will be in attendance. We are all truly in this together and this is one small way to show we all stand together and support our health care providers who are giving so much right now.

As a side note to this event, we are happy to announce that through very generous support of our local public safety agencies we will be able to provide meals to all employees on all shifts at all Mercer Health locations on Thursday January 27th. Meals will be provided to over 500 Mercer Health employees. This would not be possible without the generous contributions from our law enforcement, EMS, fire department agencies and others who have donated for this cause.  

Details of the event sent recently to local public safety groups –

With Covid-19, Influenza and other medical issues hitting Mercer County hard, our Mercer Health Hospital is staying busier and busier again with patients. The in-patient unit is as full as ever and the staff is exhausted. In November 2020 when we did the light-up event, the staff was tired and couldn’t think of going on. Now, over a year later, they are over exhausted, working more hours than last year and many are at their breaking point as this has been nearly 2 years now. Morale is down and we would like to help again.

Zach Piper with MCERV-Mercer County Emergency Response Volunteers along with 91-1- Administrator Monte Diegel from the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office, are setting up another public safety vehicle “light up” event to show our support for the staff at Mercer Health Hospital.

The light up event will be held on Thursday, January 27th. If it is too cold on Jan. 27th for firetruck pumps, we will reschedule for February 3rd. We will meet at the Coldwater Football Stadium parking lot starting at 6:00pm. If you plan to attend, please be there by 6:20pm.

We would love to see enough vehicles to surround the entire hospital to show they are not alone. It would be great if everyone could send at least one truck, cruiser or EMS unit.  Also, individuals with lights on their personal vehicles are welcomed and encouraged to participate. The more lighted vehicles we have, the better this event will be. We will have lights on from time leaving the football stadium to approx 7:05pm. After we are done at the hospital, we will drive around Briarwood Nursing Center to show support to them also.