(10-8-21) New Memorial Signs have been installed at each of EverHeart Hospice’s office locations. Their offices are located in Greenville and Coldwater, OH, Winchester Indiana, and in the EverHeart Hospice Care Center located on the 4th floor of Wayne Healthcare in Greenville, OH.

Around Memorial Day, families were sent letters inviting them to remember their loved ones by having their names added to the memorial signs. Additionally, individuals and groups can also be honored on these signs, not just Hospice patients. Donations for the sign are always welcome but are not required to honor a loved one who has been lost or a special person or group.

Sarah Depoy, the Bereavement Coordinator for EverHeart Hospice, shared –

“It is exciting to share our new signs with our communities as a way to honor a life lived, a life shared, a life loved, and a life who has touched others.”

This year the Memorial Sign reflects the new brand as State of the Heart Care transitioned to EverHeart Hospice. The design of the sign is soft and invites the viewer to take a moment to peacefully reflect on the meaning of the sign. Also on the sign is a butterfly, which is often symbolic of the spiritual journey.

Jacque Collins is a Chaplain at Everheart Hospice and spends time speaking with patients and families experiencing the end-of-life journey or grieving a loss. She noted, “We all need somebody to listen and provide comfort while our hearts are mending.” The signs are just one space for this process to occur and anyone is welcome to visit the signs for a moment of reflection.

Erica Wood, Business Development Specialist, helped coordinate the sign project. She says –

“Our hope is that families feel welcome to take a moment and visit our memorial signs outside each of our offices. It’s a great way to remember loved ones and reflect on special memories that may bring a tear to your eye, but also a smile to your face.” 

Families and individuals are offered Bereavement Services for 13 months following the passing of their loved ones. These services are provided by EverHeart Hospice free of charge thanks to the generosity of donations to the agency. Bereavement services are available to anyone in the community who is grieving, not just those who have lost someone who received hospice care.

Those interested in learning more about Bereavement Support can call EverHeart Hospice at 1-800-417-7535 or visit their website at everhearthospice.org