Editorial by the Outlook’s Dave Schmidt

(9-16-21) During this highly political time in our country it is interesting to note that the two Liberal Cable News Channels are in the dumpster rating wise.

From a Forbes article on August 2021 ratings…

In prime time, Fox News dominated with an average total audience of 2.474 million viewers, far ahead of MSNBC (1.229 million viewers) and CNN (819,000 viewers). All three networks saw declines from the same month one year ago, in the middle of a pandemic and a presidential election year, which drove viewership to high levels. In prime time, Fox News had the smallest decline, down 32%, while MSNBC was down 44% and CNN had the largest decline in prime, down 51%.

Fox News came very close to sweeping the 100 most-watched cable telecasts for the month of August, taking 94 of the top 100 and 13 of the 14 top-rated cable news programs, according to ratings data compiled by Nielsen.

Based on the above #’s MSNBC and CNN were a combined 2,118 million views, well below Fox News at 2,744 million.

Most watched shows….

  1. Tucker Carlson Tonight, average total audience of 3.3 million viewers
  2. Hannity (3.009 million viewers)
  3. The Ingraham Angle (2.394 million viewers)
  4. Special Report with Bret Baier (2.186 million viewers)

MSNBCThe Rachel Maddow Show finished sixth overall with 2.063 million viewers

CNNCuomo Prime Time, 22nd place with a total audience of 930,000 viewers

Both of the liberal networks have a hate for former President Donald Trump, today on CNN”s web site Hear the calls Trump made as he tried to steal the election and on MSNBC A new book peeks into the Trump-China saga — and it’s scary as hell.

While neither have stories on President Biden’s handling of Afghanistan or his recent COVID 19 mandates. They both support General Milley and his possible treason actions with China…President Biden this week said he had ‘great confidence’ in Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley following new revelations in an upcoming book that Milley called a Chinese military official last year.



So what does this tell us? A lot about mainstream media sources that has decided to report based on biased opinions and not on factual information…none!

Even ‘down under’ Sky News Australia sees the CNN agenda –

Yes ….Fox News is quite conservative in its views…but its ratings continue to blow away both of the liberal news channels.

Those are the facts on the numbers…no spin.