(8-10-21) North Adams Schools Board of Education discussed and passed a mask mandate for a two week period at Bellmont High School. The mask requirement does not apply to middle school and elementary students, except when on buses.

Yesterday Ft. Wayne Community Schools mandated mask mandates to start the year. Next door neighbors in Ohio are not mandating mask, but they are optional to student and staff.

The start of the school year has seen school districts scramble to decide in what direction they are headed. It has become a national issue in many states with Florida leading the way in the controversy.

North Adams Community Schools Superintendent Kim Hiatt

I apologize for the late notice, but we were made aware late in the day today that several of our high school students are COVID positive.  As discussed in the North Adams Community Schools Board meeting tonight, Dr. Ainsworth, Adams County Health Officer, recommended to NACS administration and Board that ALL high school students mask for fourteen days to allow the active virus in this infection “pod” to cycle.  At tonight’s Board meeting, the Board approved that in order to attempt to avoid a large number of quarantines, all HIGH SCHOOL students should mask when indoors and when unable to socially distance UNTIL AUGUST 24th.