COMPLETE Details For HB 342

(6-15-21) Yesterday on Facebook Mercer County Recorder Angie King posted her opposition to HB 342. The bill would allow county recorders to record covid 19 vaccination cards.

Ohio HB 342… “to allow county recorders to record covid 19 vaccination record cards”… as your Mercer County Recorder I do not support this legislation.

I do not support vaccine passports, I do not support forced vaccinations, and I do not support the recording and publicizing of your health records. Your medical vaccination records are just that…they’re “yours”!

Vaccination records should remain private. This bill is absurd and has nothing to do with county land records.

Contact your state representative and tell them to say NO to HB 342.

The bill is still in the early stages of being considered, the primary sponsor State Rep (D) Willis Blackshear, Jr. of the 39th District.

Co-Sponsors of the bill include Representatives –

Juanita O. Brent
Tavia Galonski
Stephanie D. Howse
Dontavius L. Jarrells
Michele Lepore-Hagan
Michael Sheehy