(12-4-20) This past Wednesday, at about 9:15 p.m., members of the Lima Police Department Investigative Services division conducted a covert prostitution operation, at a local Lima Hotel, using an internet site. 

Grant Rose (57) and Susian E. Walendzik, (42)

The investigators set up in the hotel room and waited for the prospective female engaging in prostitution to arrive.  As a result of the undercover operation, three individuals were detained and transported to the Lima Police Department, as a result of their participation in the incident.  

The current investigation intertwined with an investigation that was more than two years old, into the human trafficking of a juvenile. 

Once the preliminary investigation was completed, Susan Walendzik (42) and Grant Rose (57), both of rural Allen County, were held on charges of suspicion of promoting prostitution in relation to the current operation, and suspicion of trafficking in humans, which was connected to the ongoing cold-case investigation.  Both were transported and held at the Allen County Jail. 

If anyone has additional information into the activities of either individual or any information specific to this investigation, please contact Det. Steve Stechschulte, at 419-221-5181.