(12-4-20) Ohio Governor Mike DeWine may be doing more to stop the spread of COVID 19 after his update this afternoon on distribution of the vaccine.

We’re in a very dangerous situation and I think we can all agree that we can’t let our hospitals get to the point where healthcare is threatened. The curfew, mask-wearing, retail inspection have helped, but they haven’t helped enough. We’ll have to do more. We don’t have a choice.

This is the plan for distribution of the vaccine –

Phase 1A of distribution priorities – in no particular order

  • Healthcare workers and personnel who are involved in the care of COVID-19 patients
  • EMS responders
  • Vulnerable individuals who live together in close proximity and those who care for them

According to DeWine –

On Dec. 22 we also expect another shipment from Pfizer. The tentative number of vaccines in this shipment is 123,000. These will go to Walgreen and CVS for vaccination of those in congregate care settings. A few days later, we expect to get another 148,000 vaccines from Pfizer and 89,000 vaccines from Moderna.