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Update on the Golf Cart Incident: (8-24-20)

We would like to update the public on the Golf Cart Incident that occurred early Sunday morning. We have been receiving many inquiries about the extent of the damage to the Rental Golf Carts, Mercer County Fairgrounds Property, and Westview Park Property.

Three individuals broke into our buildings between 12PM-5AM Sunday morning. They accumulated several thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Here is a quick rundown all the damage that was accumulated throughout the crime:

Golf Cart Damage:
• One cart was driven into Westview Pond
• Two carts had bent frames
• Rolled several times
• Busted out lights
• Tire rods were ripped off two carts
Fairgrounds Property Damage:
• Tore up the newly resurfaced track
• Played “Demo Derby” with the golf carts in the pit
• Knocked over Flower Boxes
• Knocked over Port-a-Pots
Westview Park Property Damage:
• Bathroom stalls ripped off the walls
• Toilet Paper and Soap Dispensers ripped off walls
• Destroyed Little Free Library

It seems as though the individuals came through the Bruns Addition Area and Westside Mobile Home Community. If you or someone you know has security cameras in this area, please review the footage for any evidence.

If you have heard or seen anything, please do not hesitate to contact the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department or the Mercer County Fairgrounds. Please speak up, these actions are intolerable and disrespectful. Our community is better and stronger than this.

(8-23-20) Last night 3 teenage individuals between midnight and 5:00 a.m. decided to take six golf carts from under the Mercer County Fairgrounds grandstands. The three went from the east end of the grandstands to Westview Park.

If you have any information regarding this incident please contact the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office or the Mercer County Fairgrounds.