Black Lives Walk

(5-31-20) Community leaders praised those who walked and participated in today’s Black Lives Matter Walk that was held today after the Minnesota incident this week.. There were no issues reported during the walk which started at 1:30pm today in front of the Mercer County Court House in Celina.

Celina Mayor Mayor Jeff Hazel

Celina is a proud community that welcomes diversity. Once again, our Community demonstrated character today as some observed and others participated in the demonstration and march in Celina without incident. 1st Amendment Rights must always be preserved and respected by those with different views. Our ability to listen to others and understand differences always serves to make us better.

City of Celina Councilman Eric Lochtefeld

If you think that George Floyd’s death is the only reason protests are happening across the country, you are willfully blinding yourself. Everyone, including every level of our government, must acknowledge the pain and hurt that is pushing people to the streets, and trying to have their voice heard. Peaceful demonstrations are happening throughout the country and their voices are being drowned out by a select few. I’m doing my job as a white ally: listening. Will you join me?

Mercer County Sheriff’s Office

The Mercer County Sheriff’s Office would like to take a minute to express our sincere appreciation for the people of our county. Today, several members of our community came together in a peaceful demonstration and walk. Those that participated in this event were respectful of one another and to the community around them.

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” (Coretta Scott King)
Black Lives Walk 2