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(5-23-20) Ohio State Representative Nino Vitale (who represents  the 85th District comprised of Champaign, Logan and Shelby Counties ) continues his battle to open Ohio completely and his main attack continues to be pointed at Governor DeWine and Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton.

The past several days on his Facebook account he has made some bold statement on many subjects pertaining to recent choices –


Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Ohio Unemployment Skyrockets to 44-Year High -AND- LT. Governor Husted Allowed the Unemployment System to get hacked. A Million Ohioans' Data Exposed NV'

Thanks to DeWine, Husted and Acton, almost 20% of Ohio is out of work, a 44-year high, while other states have opened back up for almost 2 weeks and counting.

Ohio Job and Family Services discovered Friday that Social Security numbers and street addresses were stolen and they said it was not clear how many people’s information was breached. The state refused to comment on the matter but said over 1 million claims have been filed since mid-March.


Ohio Investigative Unit

Image may contain: text that says 'SAFE OHIO TEAM OHIO 46 594 TAPETDICUE The DeWine-Husted Goon Squad Is Out If you see these vehicles or people, get pictures, and post them here.'

Have you seen these recent edicts from Emperor DeWine?

In the just IMPOSED order, our own Ohio Governor and Lt. Governor are threatening Ohio’s small businesses and customers and have created a NEW oppressive police state force to crack down on ‘we the people.’

The enforcement unit, to be called the “Ohio Investigative Unit” (OIU), will be comprised of law enforcement and health officials from both state and local agencies throughout Ohio.

Vitale has been a very vocal opponent of DeWine and he has been a big backer of two bills that have passed in the house, SB 55 and SB 1…still waiting to be approved by the State Senate…one is to ‘rein in’ Dr. Acton’s power she presently has. The problem for Vitale is that the Senate seems to be in no hurry to pass either bill.

Vitale and DeWine are both Republicans…but the Governor is finding his support during the pandemic from the other side of the aisle in the Democrats.

Vitale is on the ballot in 2020 in hopes of retaining his seat in the house. Vitale has had his issues in the past with his party.  In 2016, the Ohio House Republican Organizational Caucus did not endorse him as he would not participate in the activities of the committee.