CELINA, OH (5-20-20)  – Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey reports that his Office has completed an investigation into a sex offender who was living at a residence he wasn’t registered at.  On May 19, a tip was received by the Sheriff’s Office indicating that Donald R. Milby Jr. (61)  was not living at his reported address.  The tip advised that while Milby was registered to live on Nancy Avenue in Jefferson Township, he was actually staying at a residence on South Mill Street in Celina.

Upon investigation, it was found that Milby had been living in a camper in the back yard of 425 South Mill Street and had been for several months.  Milby was taken into custody later that afternoon and incarcerated in the Mercer County Jail without incident.

Milby was convicted in 1983 in the Miami County Common Pleas Court for raping a four year old girl.  He was classified as a Sexual Predator upon his release from prison in 2003 and is required to register with the Sheriff’s Office every 90 days for life.

Milby is currently on probation through the Mercer County Common Pleas Court for Failure to Register an Address, as he was previously charged and convicted of that crime in 2018.