vw k9


(3-3-20) The Van Wert County Sheriff’s Office adds K9 Handler Deputy Tyler Mox who was recently assigned to the K9 Team along with his new partner Ellie. Deputy Mox and K9 Ellie will take part in 14 weeks of training at the Allen County (Indiana) Sheriff’s Office K9 Academy. Deputy Mox has been with the Sheriff’s Office since 2018 and has successfully worked toward his goal to be a K9 handler. Deputy Mox and K9 Ellie will be the Sheriff’s Office second K9 team upon completion of the training.

Sergeant James Roehm and his partner Kane are currently assigned to the Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit. Sergeant Roehm has been with the Sheriff’s Office since 2005, and his partner Kane has been active since 2014.The K-9 Unit is dedicated to assisting deputies and other law enforcement agencies by tracking suspects, searching buildings, detecting narcotics, apprehending suspects, and recovering evidence. Presentations are also given to the public to inform them on the different uses of the K-9 Unit and how the uses benefit the Sheriff’s Office.