(9-21-19) Mercer County Engineer Jim Wiechart is announcing that crews will be starting the fog seal work on various rural local roads in Mercer County.

This agency is preparing to place an asphalt sealant onto the roadway of about 50% of the roads that our crews chip sealed recently.  The purpose of this sealant is to:

  1. Further fill the cracks and voids in the pavement
  2. Virtually eliminate all the dust and loose stone
  3. Somewhat lessen the noise factor created by the new surface
  4. Provide a black surface to better accentuate the yellow centerline stripe and to increase the winter snow/ice melting due to the blackened background

The sealant will be applied in mile increments and if the weather is ideal (warm, low humidity, sunny), will cure out in about 1 hour.  After that point we will open that mile section to traffic and then move to the next section of roadway.  Once cured, the sealant will not track nor spray onto vehicles.

We will coordinate this work with the school bus dispatchers and mail carriers in order to keep disruptions to a minimum with their normal routines.