(5-12-19) Friday in Celina Municipal Court visiting Judge David Faulkner ruled on a motion that he will now allow videotaping of the upcoming Jeff Rasawehr jury trial starting on May 21st.


On May 8th Mark Wahlburg and Unealistic Ideas filed the motion in Celina Municipal Court in opposition to an earlier ruling to block cameras in the court room during the upcoming trial. With the new ruling Unrealistic Ideas will now be able to videotape during the trial as a part of a reality television project documenting the hearing that they will produce for a national tv audience.

There are some guidelines and conditions set by the Judge in the above ruling that prohibits filming any of the selected jury members or witnesses who do not give permission to be taped. Anyone who does videotape the trial must have written permission from the court.

The response also has concerns about the small space in the court room and expected overcrowding during the trial.