(3-8-19) The Celina Education Association has filed an Unfair Labor Practice Suit against the Celina City School District Board of Education to the State Employment Relations Board in Columbus.

The filing was made by Kalniz, Jorio and Reardon out of Toledo on Thursday.

The CEA released the following statement:

The CEA acknowledges that the accusations in the ULP charge are completely factual and with merit.  The union is tired of the inaccurate numbers being given to the press and to the public by certain Board members and school administrators.  The Board made their reduction plan BEFORE the most current five-year forecast was created. The current forecast, contrary to Mr. Carl Huber’s comments to The Daily Standard on March 6, shows that the district’s cash fund balance will be a POSITIVE $813,081 at the end of 2021, not NEGATIVE $491,321 as he reported.  This is an increase of $1,304,312, and yet the Board is still planning on sticking to the same reduction plan as when it was predicted that we would have the negative balance.

The Board also claims that these reductions were discussed during negotiations with the union.  CEA adamantly denies this.

Due to these and other inconsistencies, CEA requested, as recently as this week, to bargain with the Board over the reduction plan as a whole.  The request was swiftly denied.

Below is the Unfair Labor Practice Charge

ulp 1

ulp 2