Stateline Writers’ Club  president, Barb Keuneke, and club secretary, Barbara Moore

(12-22-18) President Beth Kueneke of the Stateline Writers’ Club and club secretary, Barbara Moore, presented the history of their organization from its origin till today based on information provided by longtime member, Shirley Knox. In 1983 a minister’s daughter named Esther Jetter hoped to publish her father’s work. Because she had no success on her own, she put a notice in The Daily Standard hoping to  meet people who could help her. The club began with that group. They called themselves the Stateline Christian Writer’s Club. Many of the early members wanted to write for themselves rather than for the public.  The club originally met in Ft. Recovery, moved to the Richardson Bretz Building for a time and finally settled in the Mercer County District Library. They also shortened their name to the Stateline Writers’ Club.

Over the years the club has sponsored several events. Faye Miller organized a writing contest for area students. It was so successful they held a second contest. Area authors were invited to speak about their writing at a club celebration of local talent. People in Print, a book that included autobiographical sketches about and pictures of the authors, was published. Each guest author received a copy of the book. The response to this event was so positive that the club held two more. Other notable accomplishments were a radio program on WCSM in which members presented their work and a collaboration with WSU-LC on a writers’ conference. The club also gives a book scholarship to a WSU-LC student. Their current project is an anthology of pieces by members called Reader’s Harvest. The Stateline Writers’ Club meets from March through November. Dues are $10. They are usually collected at the March meeting.

For more information about the club, find them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Stateline-Writers-Club-1558625551033924/  or attend their first meeting of 2019 on March 16.

The Celina Kiwanis also had a visit from Division 2 Lt. Governor Jeff Schulman. He discussed the First Family Project for the Ohio District. Schulman encouraged members to attend the mid-year education conference and announced the date for the combined Divisions 2 and 3 meeting. He finished with suggestions for new projects the club might consider trying. For more information about the Kiwanis Club of Celina, like them on Facebook or find them at  celinakiwanis.wix.com/kiwanis-club-celina.