Jane Steinemann, R.N.
Jane Steinemann, R.N.

(3-6-18) Grand Lake Hospice is pleased to announce that Jane Steinemann, RN, has successfully achieved the status of Certified Hospice and Palliative Nurse (CHPN).

Jane has been employed by the Joint Township District Memorial  Hospital since 1985.  She initially cared for patients seen in the Emergency Department and then those transitioning to home post hospitalization through Grand Lake Home Health.  In 2007, Jane joined the Grand Lake Hospice team and found her true passion in nursing.

Loraine Bernard, Grand Lake Home Health & Hospice Manager states:

“Jane is a valuable member of the Grand Lake Hospice team and is being recognized for her outstanding ability to provide palliative care, symptom management and education to the patients and families she cares for.”

More people are electing to have comfort and quality at the end of life for themselves and those they love.  Pain and symptom management competencies are receiving increasing emphasis by accrediting and credentialing bodies.  Many professionals, like Jane, who attain this certification have years of clinical experience, evidence-based practice, and education to draw upon.  Knowing the needs of patients and families facing life-limiting disease and loss, allows them to be advocates as well as teachers.

The Hospice and Palliative Credentialing Center promotes the delivery of comprehensive palliative care through the certification of qualified members of the hospice and palliative care team.  HPCC provides a national standard of requisite knowledge required for certification, encouraging continued personal and professional growth, establishing and measuring the level of knowledge, and recognizing those individuals who meet the certification eligibility requirements.

Grand Lake Hospice is dedicated to providing an excellent, caring service to individuals and their families experiencing needs for end-of-life care.  The goal of Grand Lake Hospice is to allow each individual to live each day alert, comfortable, free of pain and to be surrounded by those who matter to them most.

Jane’s dedication to her profession and to her clients has empowered her to care for those whose lives living with life-limiting diseases.   Grand Lake Health System congratulates Jane on this outstanding achievement!