Tom Burden on ABC’s Shark Tank website

Tom Burden Grypmat Inventor and President

“Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be an inventor. I remember someone called me an inventor and I said that I haven’t sold the product yet. They said you’re still an inventor, just not a successful one. I’ve envisioned myself being on this show for years now. Making it on this show makes me feel like a successful inventor.”

“Often times when I think I can’t, I think of the ones who can and I realize they are no different from me.”

11-13-17 – Tom Burden hit the jackpot Sunday night on ABC’s Shark Tank and now he’s a rock star back home in Ohio and to Shark fans across the country. His hometown of Celina, Ohio is busting with pride and the Tri Star vocational school (Career Technical education at its best! Nine schools in Mercer and Auglaize counties make-up Tri Star’s Career Technical district)) he learned some of his love for the business he has created gets a lot of the credit.

His three Shark Deal is a grand slam for anyone who appears on the program, fate was with him when Billionaire Sir Richard Branson was a guest Shark. Branson has a love for all types of air flight and transportation, a match made in the tank.

On Facebook, hometown friends shared their thoughts:

Jon Clouse (Burden’s Tri Star Teacher) Congratulations Tom, great presentation. You have come a long way from Precision Machining and Engineering Tech class. Very proud of your success

Sharon LaRue (Former Celina Mayor) Congratulations Tom. You are a great Ambassador for the City of Celina, Tri Star and your family. Keep up the good work.

Judy Eblen I knew he would be on last night and he couldn’t have done better. Very proud of him I think his life changed last night. I have never seen three sharks buy in or be sold instantly on the product and he did great at negotiating.

Jill Vorhees Harris Way to represent your hometown and your product! Great product and presentation Tom!

Twitter was lit up about Burden’s BIG night: