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(11-6-17) Yesterday was a day many in Celina will remember one of the worst tornadoes to sweep Mercer County, eight people were injured in Celina.

For a St. Marys family it was a day that started out as a trip to Celina, but quickly turned into a nightmare and finally to a time of relief after it was over.

St. Marys’ Alicia Slusser tells on her Facebook page what happened at the Dollar General Store on Haveman Road when the storm hit to her and her family:

Yesterday, Greg and I left St Mary’s to head to Celina to watch his cousins play. Wasn’t even raining when we left. Didn’t check the news or weather when i normally do.

As we hit the highway, that’s when the rain started. Still no sirens. We stopped at Dollar General to pick up some umbrellas. As Greg went inside, the sirens blared. I looked to my left and saw a power line snap. I lunged to the back seat to unbuckle Dom and unlatch Draycn from his base. I looked to my left and saw the Dollar General sign blow off. I felt the wind pick up in less than 10 seconds…covered both my boys with my body as our car lifted up on 2 wheels. Glass shattered around us and when I looked up I saw huge pieces of debris flinging everywhere.

When the wind passed, I checked to see if my boys were ok, I jumped out of the back drivers side window and started screaming Greg’s name. As I came up to store (I don’t remember this part,  but I was carrying both my boys) Greg came out covered in blood. He explained he was trying to open the door to get to us but the wind blew him back into the store. When the tornado passed he was flung to the back of the store into metal racks and a light came down and hit his face. He has multiple lacerations and contusions all over his body. I have a couple scratches from the windows breaking but my boys didn’t have one hair out of place, It’s a miracle.

I just want to thank everyone that was there at C-Town Wings that offered their help and kindness, this life we live we really have no idea when it’s our time, but God isn’t done with us yet.

The good news everyone is now safe and sound and a family of four survived what could have been a tragic and devastating day.

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