Kelly and Maddy Anderson

(10-3-17) – The Ohio Supreme Court ruled on an appeal yesterday in favor of Brian and Kelly Anderson (Celina) in the adoption of “Maddy”, the ruling finally ends a long battle through the Ohio court system.   The most recent appeal was filed by Maddy’s biological Aunt, who lives in Northern Indiana.

Brian Anderson, Maddy’s Dad, talks about the ruling:

In light of the most recent Ohio Supreme Court decision rejecting the appeal of Maddy’s adoption, Kelly and I are happy that the court hearings and appeals have finally come to an end.

That being said, we are thankful for the support we have received from family, friends, our community, and Mercer County in general. We fully recognize that we never would have been able to finalize Maddy’s adoption and get to this point without that support.

In the end, we are thankful that God was watching out for Maddy and that the Mercer County Probate Court stood for what was right, recognizing that Maddy’s birth mother’s wishes aligned with Maddy’s best interests and stability. Mercer County Probate Court knew the law and applied it correctly in our adoption of Maddy. This fact has now been supported twice on appeal to the Ohio Supreme Court.

We look forward to moving on with our life and enjoying our time with our children, unencumbered by the worry of further court appeals and harassment. Kelly and I also look forward to working with our elected leaders, advocating for changes to the Ohio Revised Code, clearly supporting a birth mothers right to choose an Adoptive family, so that future children and families in Ohio are not subjected to the legal obstacle course we have had to travel.

Maddy’s case should help families in the future who might face the loss of a foster child and a child that they want to adopt. The Anderson’s children, who include other adopted children,would have to say they are very fortunate to have the love and support of parents like Kelly and Brian.

‘Maddy Is Home’