Compete text from Ohio Supreme Court site – Anderson’s Ruling

Good news came for Brian and Kelly Anderson when the appeal of the adoption of Maddy was denied by the 3rd District Court of Appeals.

It’s been a long journey but in the end the courts decided in favor of the Anderson family and soon-to-be three year old Maddy. The details of the judgement are on the link above, including many details in the case.

Maddy’s mom Kelly Anderson tells us her thoughts after the judgement:

Brian and I are very thankful that the Mercer County Probate Courts decision was upheld once again. We are thankful that The Ohio Supreme Court along with the Ohio Third District Court of Appeals of Appeals have all ruled in our favor.

Unfortunately it has been a long, hard, emotional and expensive battle to simply do what was in Maddy’s best interest and to have the law upheld.

Maddy continues to thrive. She is starting preschool in the fall. Last week Maddy enjoyed her first family vacation to Destin, Florida. Maddy turns three on July 24th our prayer is that the harassment ends so we can simply move forward as a family.

We would like to thank this community for supporting us and believing in us. We will never stop being a voice for children. Every child deserves a safe and loving family.