Ashleigh Slater
Ashleigh (Kittle) Slater

(10-2-17) – Ashleigh (Kittle) Slater has strong Mercer County roots, she is the daughter of Celina Grads, Phil and Lynette (Schmidt) Kittle.  Today is a big day for Slater as she releases her second book, ‘Braving Sorrow Together‘.

Today on her Facebook page:

The first words Ted whispered to me this morning were, “Happy book day!”

Today, my newest book #BravingSorrowTogether releases. I’m both excited and nervous as these very vulnerable words go out into the world.

It’s my hope that God uses them to encourage, comfort, and offer “me too” to readers.

About Braving Sorrow Together

The book encourages those experiencing grief of any kind to seek comfort in God and in the “me too” of community. Ashleigh gives an honest and vulnerable account of her personal stories of loss, as well as those of her friends, with reflections from literature and Scripture sprinkled throughout.

Slater examines the nature of grief and loss in several universal arenas, such as relationships, health, career, and the home. Anyone who ever struggles will be able to move through trial with more wisdom, releasing anxiety and receiving the help and comfort God so bountifully provides.

Slater’s first book  ‘Team Us: The Unifying Power of Grace, Commitment, and Cooperation in Marriage and Braving Sorrow: The Transformative Power of Faith and Community When Life is Hard’.  She and her husband Ted married in 2002 and have four daughters.

The book’s publisher is internationally known, Moody Publishers in Chicago. The book will be available at many locations and can also be purchased on Amazon.