Randy Geesaman
Portland Mayor Randy Geesaman

(7-15-17) – The Indiana State Police are currently conducting a criminal investigation into the finances of the Jay County Democratic Party.  For over 13 years, since 2004, the Party has not submitted  30 separate campaign finance filings, including annual, pre-primary and pre-election reports.

According to numerous sources, current Portland Mayor Randy Geesaman, who also was the Democratic Party’s treasurer before he resigned, seems to be the focus of the Indiana State Patrol probe.

Third Congressional District Democratic Committee chairwoman Madalyn Sade-Bartl told Portland’s Commercial Review in May of this year:

“He stated that he was not good at record keeping, also that he had lost checks, misplaced money, he had spent money that he then remembered was the party’s but he claims he had paid everything back. Geesaman said he did not think it was embezzlement, but I don’t know what else you really call it when you borrow money and then give it back.”

County party officials would like Geesaman to also resign as Portland’s Mayor.  That has not taken place at this time. In November of 2015 Geesaman easily won a second term as Portland’s mayor over Republican Milo Miller Jr.,  a former six-term Jay County commissioner.