According to the state’s Ohio Beach Guard System

Grand Lake St. Marys Camp, Main East, Main West, Windy Point

Grand Lake in Celina- The state issued an “elevated” public health advisory meaning that people should “avoid all contact with the water” because algal toxins have been detected at an unsafe level.

Bacteria Contamination Alert (yellow flag)

Posted when the level of bad bacteria in the water has reached unsafe levels and could make you sick. Children, the elderly and those in ill health or weakened immune systems are advised not to swim.

Recreational Public Health Advisory (orange flag)

WARNINGAn algal bloom is present and/or algal toxins have been detected. Swimming and wading are not recommended for: children, pregnant or nursing women, those with certain medical conditions and pets. For more information go to or call 1-866-644-6224

Elevated Recreational Public Health Advisory (red flag)

DANGERAvoid all contact with the water. Algal toxins at unsafe levels have been detected.

Alerts –

The water conditions at Grand Lake continue to be a major issue after recent updates from the state. The conditions facing the local lake are just a small part of the problem around the state with 27 advisories listed on the state’s Ohio Beach Guard System .

Celina’s economy is largely based on the presence of the lake, the longer the situation lingers the more damage it does to the tourist and fishing business.

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