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(6-22-17) Three and a half years ago (12-13-2013) the Celina City Council had a first reading on purchasing the Mercelina Mobile Court Park and displacing long-time-occupants by the lake.

This is the deal that was  passed after the third reading (1-13-14), the vote was in favor (5-0) to purchase the trailer park with Councilman Larmore abstaining:

$2.94 million. Bryson Trust Fund paid 90 percent of the deal; the city paid $300,000 from the general fund. The mobile home park would be purchased for $2.2 million and the former Versa Pak property  would be acquired for $745,000.

According to city officials at the time of the purchase the Mercelina Mobile Court property would be used to expand and to enhance the Lake Shore Park region by connecting Mercelina Park and Pullman Bay Park.

Council member Mike Sovinski told the Daily Standard at the the time of the purchase:

“All we’re doing is we’re buying the land at a reasonable price.”

During the first reading (12-13-13) of the ordinance for the purchase of the property an audience member  asked  how much it was going to cost to care for and maintain the additional park land.

Celina Safety-Service Director Thomas Hitchcock

“It will cost very little.  It will only be mowing and our crews can handle an additional seven acres. “


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Photo taken June 14th, 2017

With several set backs at the lakefront area the past several years, including the water quality issues and the elimination of the Governor’s Cup Regatta, it seems you can now add the development of the Mercelina Mobile Park as another disappointment.

A $3 million dollar purchase to raise weeds and to provide a nice spot for the geese to feed seems like a wasteful use of city and Bryson Estate funds.

What does the future hold for the area? Who is in charge of making the changes? Where will the funding come from to pay for it?

…or will it remain as it currently stands?

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