(3-20-23) Mercer Health recently acquired a new surgical system to improve urologic procedures. The system, the MOSES 2.0 Pulse 120H holmium laser, has a high level of precision and enhanced efficacy providing for advances in treatment of kidney stones and enlarged prostate glands. The Moses 2.0 results in faster surgical procedures and recovery time and fewer complications for common urologic concerns.

A common health concern for men over 50 is benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) resulting from an enlarged prostate. The MOSES laser’s high level of precision and enhanced efficacy allow surgeons to quickly remove the enlarged prostate tissue and provide quick symptom alleviation and a long term solution.

Kidney stones are a common urological concern for both men and women. The MOSES laser has significantly improved the management of stones, providing a less invasive and more effective treatment.

Dr. Scott Cohen, MD

“The laser allows better control of bleeding and decreases postoperative catheter time so patients can get back to living a better quality of life quicker. The increased power of this Moses laser also allows for more efficient treatment of kidney stones.”

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