(3-15-23) Below is a statement from Celina City Schools on a situation on a school bus today with a pre-school student being left unattended.

From Celina School Superintendent Dr Ken Schmeising:

A pre-school student was mistakenly left unattended on a school bus for over three hours on March 15, 2023. The student was located by our assistant bus mechanic and did not show signs of injury. Upon being notified that the student had been left on the bus, the bus driver and bus aide responsible for the student were relieved of their duties pending an investigation. In addition, the District notified Children’s Services. There are protocols that are to be followed when a bus is parked, and the driver is leaving the bus after students are on it. Those procedures were not followed and the District will get to the bottom as to why, so that procedures can be put in place so that this does not occur again. The safety of our students is paramount.