(2-19-23) Early this morning at 12:45am in Delphos a train derailed at the the intersection of Bank Street and South Bredeick Street. The only damage was a boxcar would then strike two Ohio AEP poles.

This forced the closing of several streets located near the incident.

No injuries were reported.

The past several weeks Ohio has been in the spotlight with the East Palastine train derailment that produced flames from highly toxic substances. Fortunately this incident did not produce the same results.

East Palestine Residents Remain Concerned On Fall Out From Train Derailment

RailAmerica’s Chicago, Fort Wayne & Eastern Railroad (CFER) runs through on the south edge of Delphos. Central Soya is the primary shipper between Fort Wayne and Lima on this line. Also, a segment of the ex-NKP Clover Leaf Line is used from Delphos southwest to near Landeck, OH to serve a couple of local shippers. This is known as the Delphos Terminal Railway.