(2-15-23) Mercer Health’s Surgery Center has been the setting for life-changing events for a young boy from Burkina Faso, West Africa.  This young boy, who came to the United States on a medical visa made possible by Children’s Medical Missions West, was born with a leg deformity that needed corrected by surgery. 

Dr. Jeff Otte, an orthopedic surgeon with special training in the diagnosis and treatment of a vast array of pediatric orthopedic conditions, performed two surgeries, donating his surgical skills and providing life changing services that corrected the deformity.  The first surgery in Mercer Health’s Surgery Center took place in August 2021 and the second was completed last week.  In between surgeries the young boy did return to his home and will make the journey back home again after his recovery period is complete. 

Betsy Beckman, Director of Surgery at Mercer Health stated-

“He is such a happy kid and was all smiles after his last surgery.”

Children’s Medical Missions West is a non-profit Christian organization dedicated to making life-changing differences for children with medical needs from all parts of the globe, one child at a time.  More information can be found at www.cmmwest.com.

Picture :  The boy before his first surgery, after his second surgery and with his surgeon, Dr. Jeff Otte.