Press Release from the Van Wert Police Department:

(2-13-23) On 2/11/23 law enforcement was dispatched to the Mi Ranchcito Restaurant located at 865 N. Washington St. in Van Wert for an intoxicated male with a knife threatening people. Law enforcement arrived and the man was detained. He was identified as Joshua Deamicis (47) from Forest, Ohio.

A Victim reported he was sitting at a table when Deamicis approached him with a knife. Deamicis stated,

“You are going to pay for this.”

The witness observed the knife in his Deamicis’ hand and tackled Deamicis. Two other people at the restaurant helped subdue Deamicis until police arrived. The two witnesses were threatened also.

Deamicis is on probation at the Van Wert Municipal Court and refused to take a Portable Breath Test. Refusing to take a Portable Breath test is a violation of probation rules.

Deamicis’ probation violated and he was charged with one count of Menacing and two counts of Aggravated Menacing.

He was taken to the Van Wert County Corrections facility