(2-1-23) In a Facebook posting yesterday parents of Celina High Senior students are concerned that this year’s graduation will take place in the Celina Fieldhouse, not outside in the football stadium…no matter the weather conditions.

Celina City Schools Superintendent Ken Schmiesing in an email reply to the Outlook he explains the current situation-

We did set plans for using the Fieldhouse on Sunday, May 21 at 4:00 p.m. to allow for as many of 2023 Graduates to be able to attend the ceremony as possible. When we looked at whether to hold the Graduation on a Friday or Saturday, then we ran into conflicts with Regional and/or State athletic contests. We did not like the idea of asking our athletes to have to make a choice between attending the athletic event or attending their graduation. 

We do need to make plans well ahead of the date for graduation as many people reserve facilities and make plans to celebrate their child’s Graduation from high school. Making changes at this time to the date and/or time of Graduation, would interfere with many plans which have been made for these parties. People also make travel plans for attending Graduation and the Graduation parties. Making changes to plans once plans are set causes additional costs in making people change their plans, and making them alter their reservations.

Once we have our new 7-12 facility, with air conditioning and adequate space in the main gym area, we will be able to offer an inside venue which will be more comfortable for such an event to be held.

Hosting a Graduation event requires more than just setting up chairs. We need skilled workers to set up the sound equipment and complete all of the behind the scenes pieces which make for an event which is worthy to be remembered. Celina City Schools is not immune from the impact of the worker shortage which is all around us. By moving our Graduation event to a Sunday, we have even fewer employees who are available to support our efforts. These are a few of the reasons why we are able to only set up one venue for a Sunday Graduation. We appreciate all of the support we have received for our continued efforts on behalf of the children and the families of Celina City Schools.