(1-25-23) President Biden’s announcement today that the US will send 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine that are manufactured in Lima at the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center.

From President Biden’s briefing today at the White House

This morning, I had a long conversation with our NATO Allies — German Chancellor Scholz, French President Macron, Prime Minister Sunak, and the Italian Prime Minister, Meloni — to continue our close coordination in our full support of Ukraine. Because you all know — I’ve been saying this a long time — the expectation on the part of Russia is we’re going to break up, we’re not going to stay united. But we are fully, thoroughly, totally united.

With spring approaching, the Ukrainian forces are working to defend the territory they hold and preparing for additional counter-offensives. To liberate their land, they need to be able to counter Russia’s evolving tactics and strategy on the battlefield in the very near term.

They need to improve their ability to maneuver in open terrain.

And they need an enduring capability to deter and defend against Russian aggression over the long term.

The Secretary of State and the Secretary of the — of the military are behind me. Are — they — they’ve been deeply, deeply involved in this — this whole effort.

Armored capability, as General Austin will tell you, spe- — is — has been — has been critical. And that’s why the United States has committed hundreds of armored fighting vehicles to date, including more than 500 as part of the assistance package we announced last Friday.

And today — today, I’m announcing that the United States will be sending 31 Abram tanks to Ukraine, the equivalent of one Ukrainian battalion.

Secretary Austin has recommended this step because it will enhance the Ukraine’s capacity to defend its territory and achieve its strategic objectives.

The Abrams tanks are the most capable tanks in the world. They’re also extremely complex to operate and maintain, so we’re also giving Ukraine the parts and equipment necessary to effectively sustain these tanks on the battlefield.

And we begi- — we’ll begin to train the Ukrainian troops on these issues of sustainment, logistics, and maintenance as soon as possible.

Delivering these tanks to the field is going to take time, time that we’ll see — we’ll use to make sure the Ukrainians are fully prepared to integrate the Abram tanks into their defenses.

We also closely coordinated this announcement with our Allies.

President Biden announces U.S. will send 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine | full video

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