(1-10-23) Parkway Middle School December Students of the Month.

5th Grade – Maurice Krugh – Maurice has shown tremendous growth since the beginning of the school year. He exceeded his ELA MAP Winter Goal and improved his Math MAP Winter score. Maurice is also a creative, unique individual who adds character to the remarkable 5th-grade class. The fifth-grade team is proud of the achievements that Maurice has accomplished so far this year. Maurice is the son of Samantha O’Neil and Joel Krugh.

6th Grade – Savada Triplett – Savada is a great all around student who is a joy to have in class. She is very responsible with her work and always asks questions for a better understanding. Savada is a great classmate who is always willing to help others in need. Savada is the daughter of Matt and Amanda Triplett.

7th Grade – Uriah Byer – Uriah goes above and beyond in the classroom daily. He’s a leader in the classroom who participates and contributes to class discussions. He’s quick to volunteer answers and isn’t afraid to lend a helping hand. He is responsible with his assignments and cares about his performance. Uriah is the son of Dustin and Summer Byer.

8th Grade – Kylie Younker – Kylie is a responsible student who comes to class prepared and ready to learn each day. She advocates for her learning by asking questions and participating in class discussions. Kylie is respectful, kind, and helpful to others. Kylie is the daughter of Ben and Megan Younker.