(12-28-22) Every December, sophomores, representing all nine Tri Star feeder districts, get an opportunity to try out Tri Star programs. Unlike eighth grade tours, where students get a brief taste of all Tri Star programs, during Sophomore Visits students must narrow down their choices to two. On their visit day, those sophomores that are considering enrolling in a Tri Star class will spend 50 minutes in each program. The idea is to give the students an opportunity to experience what a typical day is like for a Tri Star student. They learn what the expectations are for a program, and they try their hand at some of the skills they expect to learn.

This year the visits were postponed due to fog but on Thursday, December 8th Coldwater, Marion Local and St. Henry sophomores paid their visit; followed on Friday, December 9th, by St. Marys, Minster, New Bremen sophomores. On Monday, December 12th, Celina, Fort Recovery, and New Knoxville sophomores visited Tri Star classes. All in all, over 530 students “tried out” Tri Star for a day. 

The visits were followed by an Open House on the evening of December 12th.  Open to anyone who wanted to see the building, the open house was especially designed to allow future students the chance to share with their parents where they hope to be attending classes.

Following these two events, sophomores may complete an application for enrollment to a Tri Star program. Applications are available from a guidance counselor or can be found on the Tri Star website ( www.tristarcareercompact.com ). Completed applications should be turned in to their high school guidance counselor. Deadline for submission is January 26, 2023.

In the attached photo is Celina senior / Tri Star Engineering Technology student, Skyler Fokine (standing), and a sophomore from St. Marys as they are working with computer software used in the Engineering Technology program.