(12-28-22) Tri Star suffered water damage during the height of the recent snowstorm on Friday, December 23rd.

Jeff Everman, maintenance supervisor for Celina City Schools, stopped to check on the Tri Star building at approximately 9:15/9:30 p.m. just before taking a break for Christmas.During the check Everman discovered that water was flooding into the central or main entrance area of the 4-year-old building. The problem turned out to be a faulty part of a sprinkler head just outside the second floor Med Prep classroom.Water flooded the hall outside as well as in the Med Prep classroom, the study huddle area, and the CBI classroom on the second floor. On the main floor water was found in the foyer, the office, clinic, and teacher work area, the Student Commons, Star Room and conference room next to the Star Room. Most areas are dried out now but there is still some damage assessment that will need to be done along with deep cleaning and repair work.  No electrical or electronic equipment or computers were damaged.Thank you to those who loaned industrial fans for drying out the flooded areas and to Jeff Everman, Tim Buschur, Mike Uhlenhake and Brett McGillvary for the many hours of work they put into cleaning up the mess.