Former Speaker and Ohio Rep. John John Boehner Bawls During Pelosi Portrait Unveiling

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(12-15-22) Former House Speaker and Ohio US Rep John Boehner paid a tearful tribute to Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday at the unveiling of her official portrait in the U.S. Capitol.

Boehner while he teared up-

“Madame Speaker, you and I have disagreed politically on many things over the years, but we were never disagreeable to each other. As you might have heard me say before, you can disagree without being disagreeable.

“You’ve been unfailingly gracious to me, to my family and, frankly, my team here in Washington. And Madam Speaker, I have to say, my girls told me, ‘tell the Speaker how much we admire her,’”

“The younger generation today has a saying, game recognizes game. And the fact of the matter is, no other Speaker of the House in the modern era, Republican or Democrat, has wielded the gavel with such authority or with such consistent results.”

“Leaders lead, and you, Madame Speaker, have led.”