(12-15-22) The Ohio Senate moved forward Tuesday with a bill (H 458) that would make significant changes to how Ohioans vote, including requiring photo ID for all in-person voting.

The Ohio House worked overnight Wednesday and into Thursday morning, the House officially adjourned at 6:14 a.m., passing three bills…Senate Bill 288, House Bill 458 and House Bill 45. The House vote on HB 458 was 55 to 32 (11 did not vote), the earlier Senate vote passed it 24-6. Governor Mike DeWine will now have to sign the bill for it to becomes law.

Ohio Senate passes voter ID bill: Here’s what it means for you

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H.B. 458 would require virtually all Ohio voters to present a form of photo identification, such as a Ohio driver’s license, state ID card, interim identification form, U.S. passport or passport card or military ID card. In-person voters without a valid photo ID will have to vote with a provisional ballot and provide a photo ID after Election Day to have their vote counted. Voters who vote absentee by mail will have to provide a copy of their photo ID, their Ohio driver’s license or ID number or the last four digits of their social security number.

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Democrats were not happy with the passage of the bill—