(8-2-22) On July 28, the Zahn-Marion Township Library completed its 2022 summer reading program, “Oceans of Possibilities” with a party to celebrate held at the Marion Local Elementary gym in Maria Stein.

The top two readers in grades one through five were announced at the start of the party. They are first-grade – Elijah Kremer, 1,702 points and Jade Millis, 1,650 points; second grade – Trayson Stachler, 3,655 points and Zac Millis, 1,770 points; third-grade – Max Timmerman, 3,000 points and Mya Brunswick, 2,560 points; fourth-grade – Elizabeth Slonkosky, 3,585 points and Charlie Siefring, 2,905 points; fifth-grade – Owen Hess,5,075 points and Lindy Stachler, 3,720 points. The top readers each received an “Oceans of Possibilities” t-shirt for their accomplishment.

​Entertainment at the party was provided by children’s singer/songwriter, Leonardo Music.

​The program concluded with prizes, awards and certificates for all the summer reading participants.  The children were congratulated for all their hard work.  

​Winners in the adult reading program receiving gift cards/certificates,passes or items of interest from various places were Holly Kremer, Melissa Schmackers and Jenni Wynk, Bicycle Museum of America;Kelsey Frilling, Chickasaw Qwik Stop; Ross Thobe, Cincinnati Bengals; Abby Moeller, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens; Renee Hartings and Anne Thobe, Korner Kafe; Mary Gagel, Craig Heckman, Pat Heitkamp, Diana Homan, Doris Imwalle and Mary Ann Pohl, Maria Stein Dairy Station; Patricia Clune, Doris Henry, Jennifer Koesters, Jennifer Luthman, Kiley Schlarman and Sandy Wellman, New Bremen Coffee Company and McDonald’s; Amber Winner and Tyler Wolters, Newport Aquarium; Tracy Stachler, Science Central Museum; Katy Brunswick, Scott’s Carryout; Kim Bruns and Erin Koesters, Town Tavern; Sue Bruns and Kari Muhlenkamp, UEC Theater in Celina; Lisa Goettemoeller, Ultimate Health & Fitness and Esther Heckman, Julie Koesters, Patricia Large, Deanna Steinbrunner and Kendra Wolters, Winan’s Chocolates & Coffees.

​Winners in the teen reading program receiving gift cards/certificates, passes or items of interest from various places were Trevor Meyer, Chickasaw Qwik Stop, Andrew Buschur, Cleveland Cavaliers, Alison Bruns and Mason Utrup, Kings Island; Lyliah Albers, Mason Hess, Cayden Kremer, Quinn Moeller, Andrew Schmackers and Abraham Siefring, Maria Stein Dairy Station; Elizabeth Mescher, Newport Aquarium; Addison Bruns, Maria Dirksen, Sophia Johnson, Norah Koesters, Lauren McClurg and Olivia Thobe, New Bremen Coffee Company and McDonald’s; Tanner Hartings, Scott’s Carryout and Jayden Bruns and Madison Steinbrunner, UEC Theater (Celina).

Winners in the preschool reading program were Henry Hartings, fishing set; Josie Karafit, Mathias Luthman and Killian Prenger, stuffed shark; Calvin Prenger, shark grabber; Oliver Heitkamp, Abe Moeller, Louis Otte and Rose Wolters, wooden puzzle, Audrey Heitkamp, flamingo floaty, Nash Evers, penguin floaty; Melanie Koesters, duck floaty; Teddy Siefring, beach ball and candy; Genevieve Heitkamp, bubble sticks; Kinsley Brown and Corbin Westgerdes, poster/stuffed turtle; Luka Timmerman, octopus bath toy; Emma Guggenbiller, sidewalk chalk; and Chloe Homan and Live Wolters, Maria Stein Dairy Station gift certificates.

Max Timmerman with the inflatable shark he won

Winners in the grades one through fifth program were Eli Alexander, Kurt Cline, Owen Hess, Lena Jacoby, Isaac Kremer, Joshua Slonkosky, Noah Tobe and Easton Winner, bucket of prizes; Jackson Boeckman, Jace Buschur, Violet Colopy, Marcus Hoying, Lucy Otte and Allie Wolters,Maria Stein Dairy Station gift certificates; and Max Timmerman, inflatable shark.

The library would like to thank the Marion Township Trustees for allowing us to put a scavenger hunt along the new bike path and everyone who participated in it