Amber, Denise and Scott and Logan and Holly who officially takes over ownership

(7-1-22) Yesterday was the ending of one chapter of the Willow Restaurant (1011 N. Main St., Celina), when Denise and Scott Anderson, after years of operating the Celina landmark, handed over ownership and the keys to the building to Logan Smith.

The Willow (Drive-In) has a unique past, the original restaurant was opened in 1950 (closed in 1973) on the opposite side of Celina at 701 West Logan Street and was operated by Scott’s family headed up by Warren and Betty Anderson. It even had curbside service with car hops way before any pandemic. After years of operation the business was closed.

Years later Dale ‘Stink’ Suhr (who passed away in 1991) opened the first Fritz’s on East Market Street featuring the ‘Big Fritz’. Later another Fritz’s was opened in the current Willow location before it was sold to Scott and Denise and rebranded the Willow Restaurant. The new Willow would feature the ‘Frostie’ from the drive-in menu and a new creation called the ‘Willow Whopper’ and of course the ‘Big Fritz’. The business was back and it brought back memories that will last forever.

The new beginning starts today with a new and young owner Logan Smith, who is another Tri Star success and graduate who worked for the Andersons during his time at Tri Star. You can be sure if Scott sold the business to Logan…it is in good hands.

You might say the Willow had a storybook beginning…and today starts a new chapter for the future.

Courtesy Willow Restaurant Facebook Page

April 17th, 1987