(6-24-22) Ohio Governor Mike DeWine is not on board with suspending Ohio’s $0.385 per gallon gas tax.

In a statement released by DeWine press secretary Dan Tierney

“Governor DeWine has noted that the most significant things our country can do to reduce gas prices is to increase fuel refining capacity and reverse Biden administration policies that have had the adverse effect of reducing supply and increasing gasoline prices.

In Ohio, Governor DeWine has been looking at other ways we can reduce the burden of the Biden-policy-driven price increases. Of note is (Governor) DeWine’s recent efforts to make E-15 fuel blends a year-round option, which should help increase their availability in Ohio. Not only is E-15 a cleaner-emission fuel blend that uses more renewable fuel sources, but it is also less expensive than regular unleaded fuel.”

DeWine in an interview with WHIO TV said –

“I would love it, I think everyone would love to not pay a tax, but it’s a fourth of our state budget.”