(6-8-22) Edgerton Mayor Robert Day says a village-wide power outage was caused by high winds and rain that contributed to the incident and that lightning had struck a high voltage power line at a substation.

According to reports after the outage started…it appears that lightening has struck our high voltage line at CR 5 substation and a train contacted the line and drug it.

Last night Edgerton Village Administrator Dawn Fitzcharles says they are in the process of setting up their backup generators which will provide energy to essential places.

Last night an update from Edgerton officials…Toledo Edison is reporting the transmission line will not be rebuilt or operational till at least Saturday. Until then, we plan to power the town with AMP JV 2 units on the west side of town. When Toledo Edison has replaced the transmission line and is ready to connect with Edgerton Electric, we will have another outage estimated at 3 hours.

In the last hour Mayor Robert Day posted the following –

Portions of town now have power… power is restored in phases… so if you don’t have power… you should soon