(5-28-22) Voters will choose Ohio House and Senate candidates in a special primary election on August 2nd after a Friday ruling in Federal Court,

A Federal Court three-judge panel was split, 2-1 in the decision. Two judges, Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Amul Thapar and U.S. Western District of Kentucky Judge Benjamin Beaton, were in the majority, each writing their own opinions.

The third judge on the panel, Chief U.S. District Judge Algenon Marbley dissented.

The maps that will be used on August 2nd were the third set of Ohio legislative maps that were submitted and rejected twice, in mid-March and again on Wednesday, by the Ohio Supreme Court. The maps only will be used for this year’s elections.

On Friday, the Southern District of Ohio Federal Court said the state has failed to act, and….

“Assuming no map is approved by midnight on Saturday, May 28, we order Secretary of State Frank LaRose to push back Ohio’s state primaries to August 2, 2022, and to implement Map 3 for this year’s elections only.

As of this posting no appeal has been filed on the ruling.

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