(4-26-22) In an unusual move in county politics.long-time Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey is endorsing newcomer Dave Buschur for Mercer County Commissioner in the Republican primary. Buschur’s opponent in the May 3rd primary is long-time incumbent Greg Homan.

Homan has been a Commissioner since 2014 and is currently the Chairman of the Mercer County Republican Party.

Sheriff Grey in his endorsement said –

“Dave’s a bridge builder, and that’s why he’s got so much support in our local communities. I know Dave will use those skills to build Mercer County up to be stronger than it’s ever been.”

From the endorsement, although not directly detailed, it appears that Sheriff Grey and Homan have inner issues with each other in how business is conducted in the county. The endorsement will not likely enhance the relationship between the two county officials.

The winner of the Republican primary will face Don Holtvoigt in November….who is running unopposed on the Democrat side.