Douglas Westrick

(4-8-22) Douglas Westrick, Superintendent of Delphos City Schools responded to an investigation that resulted in misdemeanor charges of child endangering being filed against three school district employees, Delphos Jefferson High School Principal Chad Brinkman, Intervention Specialist Karissa Hoersten and Education Administrative Specialist Maureen Rentz.

The charges were dismissed earlier this week. Van Wert Municipal Court Judge Jill Worthington acted on a defense motion to dismiss the charges against the three educators and ruled the prosecution failed to establish probable cause. Her decision came before testimony began.

Statement from Doug Westrick, Superintendent, Delphos City Schools

On April 5, 2022, the Van Wert Municipal Court dismissed misdemeanor charges against three Delphos City School District employees. The employees now are totally cleared of any criminal allegations, and have been fully reinstated to duty.

The District is pleased the Court reached the correct result. We expected this outcome but remain puzzled that these disruptive charges were ever filed. The charges were based on the insistence of a Van Wert County Children Services supervisor, who failed to support her claims. It was alleged that a disabled student routinely spent 90% of the school day in isolation. That is simply not true. 

While the charges were pending, District officials repeatedly asked the Van Wert City Law Director and Children Services to provide evidence of our employees’ wrongdoing. No evidence was provided, and it now is clear it does not exist. We are disappointed these charges were pursued with no supporting evidence. 

This caused significant disruptions for our employees, and it frustrated the District’s efforts to educate and serve our students. We look forward to returning the employees to their full duties and putting these ill-conceived charges behind us.