(2-9-22) A 20-year-old man from Akron, Ohio, who is angry about the mask mandates in Canada, is facing potential criminal charges after he allegedly called in a bomb threat to police in Ottawa (Ohio). He was trying to reach the Ottawa (Ontario) police. The two communities are about 600 miles apart.

The man got the two police departments confused.

Ottawa Ohio Police Capt. Brad Brubaker told CTV News that the suspect first called in a bomb threat to the police office in Ottawa, Ohio…but giving the address of the police office in Ottawa, Ontario.

Brubaker contacted Ottawa (Canada) police to let them know the threat was actually directed at them. He said he was writing up a report to submit to a prosecutor to consider charges related to the threat.

Police in Ottawa (Canada’s capital) have been making international headlines for their response to the Freedom Convoy a protest-turned-occupation in the heart of the city’s downtown near the Canadian Parliament buildings for nearly two weeks.