(1-12-22) On January 12, 2022 officers of the Union City Ohio Police Department responded to the Union City Municipal building in reference to a male attempting to pass counterfeit bills. Upon their arrival they came into contact with Roger Sturgeon. Sturgeon attempted to pay his water bill using counterfeit bills.

The bills that Sturgeon attempted to pay his water bill with, had “for movie use only” printed on the bills. During the investigation Sturgeon admitted to using the bills at a local business.

Sturgeon was arrested for counterfeiting, a felony of the 4th degree. Sturgeon was transported to the Darke County Sheriff’s jail and was placed in the custody of the on-duty Jail staff.

Chief Mark Ater encourages all businesses to check the cash they have received to ensure that they have not received counterfeit bills. If any businesses have received counterfeit bills, please contact the Union City Police Department to file a report.